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Far right doing it right.


Far right doing it right.

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I patiently survive. Not talking to him for almost for weeks. yeah!

I patiently survive. Not talking to him for almost for weeks. yeah!

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                  Every Thursday of the week, yes! This is how we look like after our Rizal Class that ends at past 5pm. But originally, it ends at 6pm. Well, sitting in the middle of Mendiola while eating street foods with friend; its is an epic simple but a great bonding moments. Though, we surely eat every after class of everyday of every week ;)) We are “Matakaws” and we are indeed wishing we won’t gain that much weight. (ASA!) Laugh trip this ladies and sharing crazy thoughts are priceless ;)

Photo taken at mendiola c/o my friend, mu loves Alex. :)

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Goodbye, Superhero…

Goodbye, Superhero…

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Shame on you.


                       That one word there, that is how I felt about what happened yesterday in our class. What a S*** for me! She actually scolded, mocked at me and said things in front of the class that she should have done telling me alone. "Hindi ko naman siya pinangunahan e. Nagtanong lang ako! If she don’t want me to use the manual, then fine!! I’ll understand naman e". I’m not a bastard F*** student to disrespect her nor disobey her. I asked her questions nicely, and I didn’t expect her to react that way :(

                       I am a visual student. Meaning I would better understand things that a person is telling me when I see some sample or evidence, especially when it is a school matter. I felt bad on what she told in front of the class and the way she spoke; she actually shout out from her normal voice level to the volume that she can manage. What an attitude?! I felt bad about her. I felt disappointed that she treat students like that. She Over-REACTED and take my words and means in a different way. I don’t have anger at her, but then again, I don’t feel to like her. :|

                  I told this incident to my friends after her class yesterday, and all I did at first was to cry out loud and never matter what is happening around me. I cried not because of what happened, but because I don’t feel nice on what happened and with her words. I’m thankful I have good friends around to be there for me. And after that, they actually made me happy after all :D we had a nice bonding moments and had lunch date at a korean resto. :”>

                  I felt mixed-emotion when I arrived home yesterday. At first I was hesitant to tell my sister what happened at school, but of course I end up telling her everything and cried again. Unfortunately, my mom arrived and noticed the tears in my eyes, so we had a discussion and I told her the story again. Though mom was not the best person for me to be told of this things, she actually tried her best to make me feel better :) And I do appreciate them very well.

                   And when dad arrived from work at late night, I opened the door for him and hug him tightly. And from that scenario, he knew I was not feeling nice after. he asked several times on how I was doing at school and how was my day, but I refuse to answer him and just gave a way a hug message that "Dad, please don’t remove your arms from hugging/embracing me." And I knew he felt what was inside me. He didn’t nag me for answers but he waited for me to tell him everything. See, that is how great my dad is. He do not force nor predict, he just wait and understand me; and at the same time, comfort me :)

                     After all. By the of the day, I would have to be strong enough and be brave on facing her. That, YES! my sister was right that she was threaten by me and that I have show her my abilities enough to prove and I have to defend my self. Dad was right in saying that she don’t know very well the subject for I hit her ego and she can’t even explain the lesson but by her black marker and white board. And mom was right, when she said that I have to talk to her humbly enough to fix what is the problem :)

                  Lord, thank you for sending good people :)

Dea, keep smiling and life will and have to go on. Never mind what is done an focus on what is about to happened. Cheer up! And live life the way it was for you :D It is part of the journey :)

                                                Sign, yourself :)


Just a moment with her. A chance given for a simple reason of get closer to her. Love of a mother is such a warm heart feeling.

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Final Plate in Furniture Design 2B.

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